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      HAI MANAGEMENT - ELITech Molecular Diagnostics
      A huge step forward in HAI Management
      •  DETECT     •  CONTROL     •  PREVENT
    • Real-Time PCR assays for S. aureus/MRSA and C. difficile detection
    • Proven, trusted and reliable patented MGB Technology
    • Unique biomarker design
    • Flexible solutions
      Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA and Clostridium difficile are serious healthcare acquired infections (HAIs) impacting patient outcomes, quality of care, staff safety and overall healthcare costs. Healthcare providers need an effective tool for optimizing infection control and prevention programs that is more cost-effective, more accurate and faster. ELITech Molecular Diagnostics, a major innovator in the molecular diagnostics market, has developed a suite of Real-Time PCR solutions to enable healthcare providers to make better medical decisions, improve patient outcomes and deliver a superior level of service and patient care.
    • Cost-competitive ELITech’s per test cost is very advantageous.
    • Optimized design Uses our patented MGB technologies for improved discrimination, enhanced result integrity and increased specificity.
    • Flexible No dedicated system required.The open-platform design will allow laboratories to adapt the assay on commercially available platforms
      MRSA/SA ELITe MGB® Kit
      MRSA/SA ELITe MGB® Kit is a qualitative Real-Time PCR test for the direct detection of Staphylococcus aureus (SA) and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) DNA purified from human nasal swabs specimen. It is a triplex assay that targets the mecA gene, a target sequence specific to SA and an internal control.

    The MRSA/SA ELITe MGB® kit generates one of the lowest MRSA false negative / false positive results for more accurate detection of HAIs. Better detection, effective control and prevention, significantly lower overall costs.
      MRSA/SA ELITe MGB® Kit Ordering Information
    Ref Description Quantity
    M800351 MRSA/SA ELITe MGB® Kit 100 reactions
    M800356 MRSA/SA ELITe Positive Control 24 reactions
      C. difficile ELITe MGB®kit*
      C. difficile ELITe MGB® is a qualitative Real Time PCR test for the direct detection of Clostridium difficile DNA from human liquid or soft stool specimen.
    It is a triplex assay that targets the tcdA gene, tcdB gene and an internal control.

    The C. difficile ELITe MGB® is one of the only commercially available assay that detects and differentiate C. difficile Toxin A and Toxin B specific DNA.

    This assay will also detect the virulent ribotype 027 Strain.
      ELITe MGB® Analysis software*
      To streamline workflow and simplify data analysis, ELITech will introduce a proprietary data analysis package. This user-friendly software will automatically validate each test run and interpret test run results.
      * AVAILABLE END OF 2011
      Limited License
    Please visit http://www.elitechgroup.com/corporate/elitemgb-legalnotice for complete licensing and warranty information